Bespoke workshops

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All our work is specifically designed to enable you to achieve your goals within the best possible practice of inclusion.

We go far beyond the legalities and technicalities and focus much more on the human aspects and how to embed the benefits and joys of a real and genuinely inclusive approach, alongside the possible obstacles in your work.

Our sessions are interactive, honest and full of practical tips and useful ideas to take away. We will discover together how to bring more of ourselves to a working environment through honest conversations.

What could your training look like?

All sessions are available either online or in person and can be a mixture of lecture style presentations, one-to-one sessions or group work.  We can be flexible depending on your desired outcomes.

Residential Days

Full 'Away Days'

3 Hour Workshops

1 Hour 'Lunch & Learns'

Beyond Just The Legalities of Inclusion

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For the real joy and benefit of bringing inclusion into our workplaces, we have to go deeper and ensure that our culture, values and actions maximise the best that everyone can give. We will bring our experience of working with minorities, with women and of understanding “others” so that you can ensure every single one of your team members flourishes, whatever their background.

Faith and Culture In The Workplace 

bringing our whole selves to our work

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We know that employees flourish when they can bring the wealth of experience, enriched by their culture and faith (if applicable) into their work. In this way people are happier, more committed to their work and they bring value from their wider lives into their workplace. However, this is sometimes hard to do, so ways of actively inviting other parts of our lives into the workplace need to be encouraged in a manner that is affirming whilst acknowledging and respecting the differences we all bring.

In these sessions we explore issues around identity and belonging, faith and culture, what works and what doesn’t, examples of best practice and things to avoid.

Anti semitism and anti Muslim hatred  

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What we cover: 

History, contemporary challenges, similarities and differences, examples of how to overcome prejudice and hate, discover how to work in a more cohesive way. We are able to share real and practical examples, unravel common stereotypes and misconceptions. We pride ourselves on creating safe spaces where no question is too big or too small and participants feel able to express their fears and concerns as well as their hopes and positive examples.

Women in Leadership

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We specialise in working with women leaders and women who want to lead, on all parts of their professional journey. Public speaking, building resilience, confidence building, navigating misogyny and hatred online, working in faith and other communal settings. 

Get in touch to discuss what will work best for you in small and large groups or as an individual.

How to work with us

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Get in touch with us via email and we will set up a face to face meeting to discuss your goals.

Tell us your goals

We will meet with you to establish what outcomes you need from our time with your organisation or company.

We’ll design your session

We will then suggest options for contents of the workshop/seminar and work with you until we have a format that you are really excited by.

“Julie and Rabbi Laura are naturally gifted trainers and mentors; they are well-experienced, motivating and are equipped with emotional intelligence to provide bespoke training.” 

– Imam Qari Asim, Leeds